Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Yak Train

In my romanticized view of Tibet I always had the image of seeing a Yak Train carrying goods through the mountains and I always wondered if I was being a tad sterotypical in this thinking. Obviously, I wasn't.
Sometimes it can be very hard to capture the calmness of a moment like this. This Yak train was getting away from me fast, so with only a short window to capture this, I had to work feverishly which really means that I was not able to appreiate this moment until I was back at home editing it.

The Yak Train 5.1 megs Quicktime 1:00min.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Visiting Nomads

Tibet still has nomadic people. These Yak herders were camped out not to far from the road so we decided to drop by for a little visit. The night before, the hotel we stayed at gave us a carepackge with all sorts of bath and sewing stuff, so we gave it to them and they seemed appreciative.

It is too bad we can't send the photos that we all took together ...being of no fixed address and all.

Visitinf Nomads 7.3 megs Quicktime 1:19min.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Field Yaks

I love small moments like this. Seeing a farmer plowing a field is nothing special in most places around the world, but these beautiful working yaks all dressed up seems to lend a whole other quality. Not that what there doing is any more noble than what any oher farmer in the world does, but driving a team of yaks...that is pretty cool.

Field Yaks Quicktime 1:39 minutes

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Beep Beep Sheep

"I brake for Sheep" would be a useful (well not useful but accurate) bumper sticker in Tibet. We must have stopped 50 times to let a flock of sheep cross the road. Funny how the sound of that horn is really annoying yet it is leaving me with feeling of nostalgia.

Beep Beep Sheep 4.2 megs Quicktime format 0:44 min.