Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sunset on Everest

Everest is often clouded over, so being able to see this mountain on a beautiful clear sunset evening was probably one of my greatest travel moments. To put things in perspective, basecamp is at 5200 metres above sea level (over 17,000 feet) which means that when you are standing there looking at the mountain you are at a higher altitude than almost every peak in the Rocky Moutains.

This is probably as fitting an ending as any for this series of 36 videos on my trip to Tibet. Hope you enjoyed following me along.

Next stop...

Sunset On Everest 6.9 megs Quicktime 1:19 min.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Yak Train Arrives

It seemed quite fitting to see a Yak Train arrive at Everest which marked the major literal and figurative highpoint for our journey. With no light polution and less atmoshpere to look through, at night the stars were the best I have ever seen.

Yak Train Arrives 7.1 megs Quicktime 1:21 min.

Second last Tibet post...where will we go next?