Monday, January 30, 2006

Rongbuk Guesthouse

Unless you are tenting it, there is only one place to stay at Everest Base Camp. The Rongbuk Monestary Guesthouse. Certainlly not one of the nicest guesthouses around, but it does have one thing that no other guesthouses in the World has and it is well worth any discomfort.

Almost done the trip now, this is the thrid last video in the Tibet series.

Ronbuk Guesthouse 6.1 megs Quicktime 1:08 min.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lunch Stop

Just before we got to Mount Everest region we stopped for lunch at nice little Tibetan restaurant. Thought you might like a quick little tour.

Next Stop Everest

Lunch Stop 6.7 megs Quicktime 1:17 min.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shigatse Everest Hotel

It is always fun to have a goal when you travel, even if it is simply symbolic. Years ago when i traveled after University my goal was to get from London to Hong Kong without taking any planes. Today with less time available I have to settle for smaller goals. So if yo are going to settler for something small you might as well make it as big as you can. And that is what Everest became for us. We were not going to climb it but just getting to be there gave a real sense of purpose.

The day before we got there we stayed a rather 'posh' hotel by Tibetian standards. When it comes to hotel rooms, sometime you win and sometimes you lose and it is easy to see who got the better end here.

Shigatse Everest Hotel 18 megs Quicktime 3:22 min.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mapping Everest

Seeing the Himalayian mountain range for the first time (well, I lie a bit, we saw it from the plane on the way to Lhasa) is a pretty spectactular experience. We got our first view of Everest (lie again, saw Everest peaking from the clouds on that flight) and got exctied about getting even closer as we made our way to the base camp. Perfect day too (no lie there)

Mapping Everest 4.2 megs Quicktime 47 sec.