Friday, July 14, 2006

Vietnam Ventures: Fish Boy

Watch the video
This video played last year as a Rocketboom episode but I never put it up on the vlog, so I thought it was time to add it. It is one of those neat magical moments where you decide to film someone and then they end up doing something which I found to be quite extraordinary.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Booming in Berlin

Watch the video
Here is the full video I did for Rocketboom while at the bloggers house in Berlin.

It is about the Street Football World Championshipsthat took place as part of the World Cup festivities. The event was a great counterpoint to the commercialism of the World Cup. These kids all come from underprivileged circumstances from all over the world and were playing for nothing more than the chance to travel and love of the game. It was really interesting to film them and learn a little bit about how football is helping to bring messages of hope from some very troubled areas of the world. If these kid's views represent the future of their respective countries, then it is time for me to become an official optimist.

A good blog post on the event can be seen here World Cup Blog