Thursday, November 24, 2005

Truck Breaks Down Again

It just would not seem like an adventure if your truck didn't break down in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for us, we had an old Toyota Landcruiser which are pretty easy to fix. It took about 2 hours to get us back on the trail.

Truck Breaks Down Again 8.6 megs Quicktime format 1:37 min.


Blogger duncan said...

i've been asked to give a talk about "local truth and videoblogging".. whatever that means.. and i've been thinking about your here's the funny thing about travel vlog.. i get to watch this constant(ish! :) ) stream of videos documenting the journey.. because they come at regular intervals it's as if i'm watching it in realtime..following you as you go, feeling the suspense of whether you will make it back from ""the middle of nowhere" .. now i know that you're not in tibet at the moment.. but somehow the illusion is maintained as i watch.
just some rambling thoughts, hope you're all well


3:23 PM  
Blogger JuanFalla said...

Cool that you were on top of the mountain when the other truck -the white one- passed next to yours, nice shot.

I Just finished reading Duncan's comment, and I was going to write somethign similar, like: How long is your trip? Where do you psot from? A hotel?

Because it feels like you're still on that trip, but by his comment I learnt you not any more.

Anyway, as he says, it feels like we're part of it, and thats cool! We don't know what's going to happen next...

10:15 AM  
Blogger chris weagel said...

getting the last shot of the truck pulling away was worth getting left alone in the middle of nowhere.

8:00 PM  

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