Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Barley Harvest

When you watch the barley harvest in Tibet you get the feeling that the methods have not changed much in the last 500 years (other than the clothes). Horses, carts and backbreaking work.

In watching this again, I think I missed an opportuniity to work much harder on the audio portion. of the edit. I got lazy and looking at it now, it shows.

Barley Harvest 11 megs 2:15 min quicktime


Anonymous bottomunion said...

I think there will always be something to be improved upon in the edit, from rough to final cut, no matter what it is, but calling attention to it certainly doesn't help solve anything...It makes me watch this and listen carefully to see how you've slacked on the audio (which ain't that bad, I've heard worse), instead of enjoying a beaufitul video about barley haversting in Tibet. What I'm saying is, it's better for you and the viewer if you keep those thoughts to yourself.

12:37 PM  
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